Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yes it really is the end.

Seriously, I need to know what happened to you dude. Did you change, like personality-wise? Your quest is/was probably a very serious matter to you but I also find it a little hilarious (just a tad really). Well, I'm rambling but what I'm trying say is have you found the Eve to your Adam, the Juliet to your Romeo? If so, how did you find her? Enlighten us please.

I guess I didn't provide proper closure to my blog, and kept people guessing. Yes alhamdullilah I found her and got married a long time ago. From time to time, I look at her silently, and think "Wow, so she's the one I've been looking for after all. And she did exist. Can't believe it.".

How I did I find her? Nothing out of ordinary. People in the community connected us.

For all those searching out there, be patient and he/she will come inshallah.

You know it's funny to be on the other side. I tried to match a brother with a good pious sister the other day, but nothing came out of it. The bro turned out to be very picky. "He can go find his own wife then!", I was thinking. Lol. Sorry for all the people I gave trouble to.

Have I changed personality wise? Not really. Same old me. One thing that definitely changed is the whole wife searching ordeal is a thing of the past. I rarely think about it now. It seems so in the past. Off to new things now. Subhanallah how things change.

Well maybe one thing that changed is I'm a more private man now. The Internet is a very unpredictable place.

Have I solved the marriage problem? Not really. Although people are getting married left and right in our community. It is still hard, for some women, to find a proper man. Inshallah it gets better with time.

But our community is changing. Marriage matching sites seem to be less of a taboo. Mixed ethnicity marriages are becoming more common. So there's change.

That's all folks. See you on judgement day.



Anonymous said...

A belated congratulations to you brother. I remember reading your blog years ago and I'm really happy you found the 'one'.

May Allah grant us righteous partners and make us from the people of Jannah Ameen

SoulSeek said...

Well played brother, well played.

I've been at it for 5 years and it's close insha'Allah.

All the best for the future and keep making dua.

single4now said...

MashaAllah bro! May Allah continue to bless your marriage. Ameen. Do keep us single folk in your duas. :)

Anonymous said...

Mashallah! That rambling person was me. And I'm glad to hear that you are doing great bro, alhamdulilah.
Thank you very much for providing us with the rest of your story. Barakallahu feek.