Sunday, November 30, 2008

The End!

Well, this is it folks, last post!

Life has become, um...sweeter. 3u'bal eljamee3 inshallah!

One day I'm going to write a short "So you wanna get married?" letter to my 20 year old self, summarizing all the lessons I learnt. If I get to writing this letter, I'll post it here. 

But until then, goodbye! I hope you enjoyed the ride. 



Anonymous said...

Alf Mabrook!

I look forward to that letter, I need all the help I can get ;)

asoom said...

If this is what it sounds like, alf mabrook inshallah!

Bilal Hassan said...

wow... so what happened, you got married in the end?

Reema said...

This means will you stop writing!

Samia said...

Life is sweeter as in your married?! Oh MashaAllah. InshaAllah your marriage is full of Barakah and emaan, and yes 3u'bal all of your single Muslim readers.
So you're only 20?? or is that when you started this blog. Either way, you're so young! MashaAllah. Allah ywaf2ak.

Tammy said...

Aaawww why are you ending this way. I want to know if you have found the sweet one. Your blog was the first blog that I have encountered, and then through here I got to discover other people's blog. People can learn a lot from your blog. Writing is like a therapy, so do keep writing soon, please. I will miss your posts. Good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

salams quest,
If the news of you getting married is true, mabrook!!!!!!

chaiandsamosas said...

I started blogging recently & found your blog extremely interesting.. I hope the end of it just means that your "quest for the sweet one" has ended & your "journey WITH the sweet one" has begun. Insha Allah!

A Happy Hijabi said...

So.. I wrote my "the end" post too.

In case any one wants to read it.

But i'm pretty sure i'll find some things to update it with soon.

single4now said...

Sad that I've only just discovered your blog and you've already ended it. I'm starting a similar blog and adding you in my list of blogs. If you ever drop by, do leave a comment and any words of advice.

InshaAllah, you'll find your sweet one soon. If you have already, do let us know. We'd love to share your happy moment with you. :)

imuslimmarriage said...

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Anonymous said...

You probably don't write anymore right? But I've just recently read your blogs... and they're just amazing. Seriously, why can't all boys be like you? Not that I have experience with boys lol... But the way you look at life and value it is beautiful :)
If you had a magazine, then trust me I'd buy them all! Your blogs are really interesting. After reading them, I honestly pray with all my heart that you get/got the right girl that you've been waiting for. Inshaalla :)